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What is “Beyond the Truth”?


This is a series in fourteen episodes about the ununsual and the supernatural, where the suspense dominates the scene.  In the first four episodes, investigators Javier and Mellina come face to face with intriguing stories that occur in the day-to-day events of any city.  Uncommon occurrences that force them to reconsider everything we know about reality.

Javier and Mellina are agents of Department of Special Inquiries and work on the resolution of crimes and strange events; however, what they have not imagined is that something would happen to them that would change the course of their lives, pulling them outside of the legalities of their work in a search for answers to a truth they never imagined existed.

Occult forces get in the way of our investigators, trying to hinder their discovery of the truth.  They will have to confront what the events they investigate have in common with the dark side of the government.


Episode # 01 – The Ancestors


The initial episode of this series is marked by strange events which occur in a calm residential building. Unusual things start to happen, and an accident with one of the residents raises a mountain of questions for our investigators, Javier and Mellina. In pursuit of the answers they come face to face with the supernatural and in digging deeper still, they encounter the motive for which the strange force has committed these acts.

Episode # 02 – Mysterious Deaths


Deaths occur in a hospital and seem to be normal. However, something calls the attention of the authorities: they occur in the same sector and when the same medical team is on duty. There is no evidence of foul play or anything that would lead our investigators to believe that these deaths were the result of a hospital-related infection. At the center of the mystery, Javier and Mellina encounter a hospital director, a medical assistant, some silver-plated packages and a series of questions to be answered.

Episode # 03 – False Promises


In a small town far from the big city another religious conflict explodes. After a supposed miracle the faithful of a congregation has its beliefs challenged by the ulterior motives they discover behind a smoke screen obscuring the real interests of their religious leader. Javier and Mellina find themselves in a delicate inquiry involving religious stigmata, and with the aid of supernatural forces they manage to uncover the truth.

Episode # 04 – The Synthesizer


Strange deaths start to occur and appear as if they are a repetition of serious crimes of the past; however, something does not make sense in that all of the perpetrators are imprisoned in solitary confinement in a maximum security federal penitentiary. Could there be a relationship between the fact that these prisoners are entering an almost catatonic state at the same time that the crimes are occurring?

Episode # 05 – Rupture


Our investigators Javier and Mellina receive a stranger letter with confidential documents and two tickets that take them on a trip to an isolated part of the country where they find a city surrounded by secret military installations. Aparitions appear to them that will forever change the lives of the agents.

Episode # 06 – Beyond the Truth


After the dramatic events of the previous episode, the agents Javier and Mellina find their lives changed drastically, and a personal conflict arises. Javier receives a letter from an as yet unidentified source and tries to convince a reluctant Mellina to join him in a search for answers together with this unnamed person. They eventually make contact with this individual and begin to investigate day to day matters that before had seemed unremarkable to them.

Episode # 07 – Environmental Fury


A conflict between lumber companies and environmentalists provides the scene for an intriguing inquiry that leads Javier and Mellina to the middle of a forest in search of answers to yet more strange events. The unexplained disappearance of some of the lumberjacks’ children is the principal focus of the investigation. What answers does the heart of the forest hold? Environmentalists would actually kidnap children in support of their cause?


Written by A. Delacerda

Copyright 2007 by A. Delacerda all rights reserved

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